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Heidelberg ST350

modified infeed chain set

The chains wear out, this is because any oil on the chain will be transferred onto a book. So after a time, the chain stretches and goes beyond the chain tensioners range. To purchase new chain, you have to replace the fingers as well. The cost of the chain sets from the manufacturer were £1,800 + VAT for each side.

Making a total cost of £3,600 + VAT an outlay every year. We were tasked to come up with an alternative. We designed the finger to be modular, so any part could be replaced, we choose to make it using 3D technology . The chain can then be changed without the fingers reducing the cost by 50%. You can buy a pair of chains, with new fingers and chain tensioners, including installation. Travel is charged extra

Complete chain set with spares box

Price: £1800.00 + VAT

Postage and packaging £19.95

Heidelberg Spares

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