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One of the problems of carrying out service work is accurate record keeping. Over the years i have tried many service orientated software, with some good results but always falling short on certain aspects of the requirements which satisfy both myself and customers. Also some were cost prohibited, with certain extras to make the software usable and viable. Some software products could only be used on a single platform. So Joblogic came along.

So why JobLogic

They are always updating the product to refine its use  and listen from users feedback.

Labour, mileage and time tracking, the app gives an accurate log of the time to travel, mileage and work time, giving transparency and accuracy for the customer.

Customers machines can be attributed to individual jobs. records are stored and can be retrieved.

Jobs can be signed off by customer.

Parts can be recalled from store and attributed to customer

Customer Portal can be set up, to enable customer to access there records and log jobs.

On our side accurate jobsheets can be generated along with accurate invoicing to the minute.

Works on the cloud, can be used by any platform who has access to the internet.

Benefits to the customer

Accurate tracking of time and mileage

Customers have a machine logbook to access

Sign-able Job sheets

Accurate invoicing

Customer Portal to access machine records and log jobs.

Our rates are accesible if you contact me at the link below.

Our rates are competitive

Rates can be negotiable

Customers can save by having multiple machies repaired at the same time.


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